Jun 23

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Bill Clinton once called Robert Rubin the best Ugg rain boots kids Treasury secretary the United States had had since Alexander Hamilton. Rubin served in that Cabinet position from 1995 to 1999. Those were prosperous years for the United States. It seems like a long time ago.Bob Rubin also had a storied banking career. He was the head of the investment bank – or that’s what we called in then – Goldman Sachs. And more recently, he is now the senior counselor at Citigroup. He’s been also acting as an unofficial adviser to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

When do you think we’ll get to a point where there really – we’re back to normal in terms of credit markets? Forget about the price of equities and things like that, but just there’s a restoration of a sense that economic activity is back on track. I think, given the circumstance we’re now in, Fareed, which is a real crisis of confidence, this is a perfect storm. This is a very low probability event that is having huge consequence.I think we need to continue to have highly proactive public policy. And I think a lot has been done that’s been very constructive.Ugg rain boots kids.

Ugg rain boots kids I’d say going forward that the most important thing we can do is a very large fiscal stimulus, married with a commitment to reestablish some sound fiscal conditions over time, once the economy is healthy again.I think we have got to find a better answer to this question of mortgage foreclosure. And there’s been a lot of focus on it. There have been a lot of proposals. There’s no proposal yet – it’s very complex for a whole host of reasons. And that’s why …