Jul 24

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Furthermore, the financial crisis of 2008, instead of slowing or reversing this shift as one might expect, actually narrowed the gap between the West and the rest. While the United States and other wealthy economies have floundered through a prolonged period of slow growth, high unemployment, and crippling debt, the countries that constitute “the rest” have rebounded quickly.India’s annual growth rate dropped to 5.7 percent in 2009, but jumped back up to 9.7 percent in 2010. Ugg insoles women China’s GDP growth has held steady at 9 percent or higher since the financial meltdown.

Ugg insoles women As a result, Zakaria points out, our world already appears post-American in many ways.”The tallest building in the world is now in Dubai. The world’s richest man is Mexican, and its largest publicly traded corporation is Chinese. The world’s biggest plane is built in Russia and Ukraine, its leading refinery is in India, and its largest factories are all in China….The biggest movie industry, in terms of both movies made and tickets sold, is Bollywood, not Hollywood. Even shopping, America’s greatest sporting activity, has gone global. Of the top ten malls in the world, only one is in the United States; the world’s biggest is in Dongguan, China.”

Coupled with such rapid economic growth is a surging sense of nationalism from emerging powers, along with a determination to shape their own future. The revolutions and protests sweeping through Iran, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Bahrain, Iraq and other countries in the Middle East, taking place without overt American intervention, are only the most recent examples of this phenomenon.Ugg insoles women.