Nov 10

Ugg dakota

I think he’ll bring up the “apology tour.” I don’t know to what extent he’ll bring up those photographs. Three of the four people there are, in fact, kings or queens, and what President Obama was doing was a kind of gesture of respect I suppose. But certainly he’s going to try to present himself as a tougher, somebody who doesn’t apologize for America. Not that there are actual instances that President Obama actually apologized, but that’s the line he’s going to use.Ugg dakota I think the key for Romney is going to be to come across a little bit less as an attack dog and more as a president.The last debate he was very aggressive in his body language. Actually both candidates were very aggressive, but in this particular debate they will be sitting at a table. I think that at least the Republican base likes aggressiveness in their candidate.

I think they do. This will be Governor Romney’s 26th debate, having done some in the Republican primaries. And he’s gotten very good at it. But he’s also gotten a little aggressive because the Republican base does like that. I wonder whether that works as well with the general electorate. But I expect a very strong performance from him. He’s a very good debater. He’s one of the best debaters I have ever seen in presidential politics.Ugg dakota President Obama did a great job [on Libya] in the second debate, crafting his answer to his advantage. But it will be tougher this time around.It will be tougher because there are, in a sense, two separate issues. There’s the issue of whether or not we were unprepared, and I think on that, substantively, I would say it’s very tough. In retrospect you can always say you should have accepted a request for extra security.

But remember, there are 265 diplomatic missions around the world.Ugg dakota Any given week I guarantee you two dozen of them are asking for more security and you have limited resources. It’s not clear what you do.But that gets conflated with the aftermath of the crisis where there was a certain clumsiness in terms of how the Obama administration handled things. I don’t think they were trying to deliberately deceive anybody, but they handled the situation badly, they got their facts wrong, they went out to the press too early. And as a result the whole thing gets conflated into a failed policy.That’s what President Obama is going to have to deal with.